Indiana Drug Rehab

The state of Indiana offers a wide range of rehabilitation programs that can help you or someone you love to cope with addiction to drugs or alcohol in a more positive way. The decision to seek help in a drug rehab program in Indiana will provide you with the best chance at recovery by offering you education, tools, support and medical care that can assist you in learning how to live a life without drugs.

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Indiana

If you're suffering from an addiction to heroin, methamphetamine, crack, opiates or prescription drugs there is a good chance that you will require inpatient rehab. These programs provide you with around-the-clock treatment, medical intervention and medications, as well as counseling and support that is most effective at preventing relapse and helping you to get well.

Unlike outpatient treatment, inpatient drug rehab requires the patient to live in a residential treatment facility and offers limited access to the outside world. While this may sound harsh or uninviting, this is the method that works best to prevent patients from turning to drugs when they get upset, start to suffer from withdrawals or otherwise just want to “get high.” By taking part in an inpatient drug rehab program in Indiana, patients have a greater chance at staying sober for a prolonged period of time following their release from the program.

Outpatient Drug Rehab in Indiana

For a minimally invasive but still very effective approach to treatment, outpatient drug rehab programs in Indiana provide patients with some counseling and support but forgo the need for around-the-clock treatment and medical monitoring. These programs are ideally suited to those who have a strong support system at home through friends and family, those who are highly committed to their addiction recovery and to those who have already attempted and successfully completed an inpatient rehabilitation program.

Offering individual and group counseling as well as behavioral therapy, outpatient drug rehabs in Indiana are effective at helping people recover from mild to moderate addictions. While all IN drug rehab programs offer a range of treatment solutions based on the individual needs and situations of the addict, outpatient programs are able to provide the least invasive care for patients allowing them to come and go, live at home, attend work and school and continue to take part in regular family activities while still receiving treatment and care.

We can help you choose between inpatient and outpatient drug rehab in Indiana and then we will help you find the best center for your needs.